Mark King – Teen Fiction Writer, author of Frenzy and Doom

Whilst Norwich author Mark King was channeling his inner dark side for our photography session, I set about arranging lights and backdrops. The author of hit book Frenzy – a teen sci-fi novel – came to the studio for publicity shots for his soon to be released second novel, Doom.

In Mark’s words: Angela greeted me in her studio and talked freely as she set about the lighting system. I was sweating but I’m not sure if it was because of nerves, or the effects of the bug I had picked up from my son. She soon had me posing, giving me directions, turn to the left slightly, chin down, look straight at me, look stern; then with a click of her camera the picture was taken. There would be a few seconds of silence as she looked back on the camera studying the image… I can’t wait to see what the picture’s look like, and once I have posted this blog I will be logging onto her website to sign in because she phoned me this afternoon to say they are ready, and no doubt over the next few months you will also see them as they are used throughout the media – Author Mark King.  For the full story click here


Teen novelist Mark King author of Frenzy

Author Mark King Frenzy at Angela Adams Ltd

Mark King author of Frenzy

Frenzy hit book author Mark King

Get in touch if you’d like some professionally-lit head shots for your business. We all like to put a face to a name!

by Angela Adams

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