**STOP PRESS** New dedicated business website now LIVE!

by Angela Adams

Working on this site, dedicated entirely to my business clients, has been a huge learning experience.   However,  the perfectionist and control freak in me loved the fact it stood or fell entirely by what I chose to do, or in some cases… didn’t do!  Please take a look around and do give me feedback on what you think – not just the areas you like, but the bits you feel don’t cover what you need to know, or are too complicated to navigate.

The image shown above features two rings I photographed for Albrow & Sons Family Jewellers in Norwich.  Please be aware that there is only one of those gorgeous sapphire rings in circulation.  I simply repeated the photograph of the ring in picture to fit the concept of, standing out from the crowd.  Both rings are new to the Albrow collection and were only photographed last Wednesday, so they may still be for sale.

If you would like to chat about how I can assist your business, please get in touch or give me a call.

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