The Power of the Press Release

I’m asked a number of times, ‘how do you get your work featured in so many magazines?’  Most who ask this are looking for a quick and easy route to publication.  However, building relationships with editors and clients over time pays dividends – investing in networking can also be invaluable.  Obviously some clients commission me to shoot advertisements for publication, and magazines too – but this didn’t happen overnight.  I invested time in training and continual professional development within my business, I’ve also worked freelance in the past,  writing copy and shooting photographs.  Even with this scenario, I was pro-active and pitched my ideas and stories to editors, this stood me in good stead when I started my photography business.

So you see… it takes time, effort and commitment to build relationships and trust.  However, how many of you actually let the industry know what you’ve done and that you exist?  I don’t mean a quick post to Facebook or Twitter, but actually contacting those that matter to let them know what you’ve been up to and what you’re doing.  This is where the power of the press release is paramount.  It educates editors, magazines and whoever you choose to release it to, about you and your work.  Invest time in learning how to craft a well-written press release, one with eye-catching titles that entice the reader to engage with your story.  Do this well and your work will start to appear in places you’d never imagined possible!

The feature here appeared in Norfolk on my Mind magazine.  How?  I educated my client on who to contact, when and how.  The lady featured, Fiona Harrison, has excellent self-promotion skills, so only needed a nudge in the right direction to elevate our work into a selection of magazine articles that will run and run.  Our day of shooting vintage fashion will appear in many guises over the coming months.  In addition to Norfolk on my Mind magazine, other different images from the shoot have featured in Vintage Fare Magazine, and others will also appear in Best of British Magazine in 2016 –  the reason the shoot was initially commissioned (these images are top secret and won’t be seen until release next year).


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