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I talk (a lot) about the power of pictures – I would, I’m a photographer! However, marry photographs with well-written copy and you’re stacking the odds in your favour with regards a winning formula for your business.

Don’t believe me?  Then click on a webpage, open a magazine or brochure and answer me this – are you drawn by the pictures first, or do you read the text? In our fast-paced busy lives, we read much less and our attention spans are shorter. We filter information in the first few lines of reading and decide whether to continue. A great picture accompanied by a great tagline or title, can prove immensely powerful in providing your business with a professional edge – either by adding impact, wow factor or simply by drawing attention.

This is where one of my recent clients, Nigel Woollsey comes in.  Nigel writes copy: ‘I combine the skills and knowledge of attention grabbing, engaging copywriting with a talent for identifying and connecting with the audience,’ Nigel tells me.  Experienced in a number of business sectors Nigel is perfectly comfortable handling everything from SEO friendly website content, sales letters and direct marketing materials to case studies and brochure text.  ‘Article writing is my particular love,’ says Nigel.   ‘With a number of published works on a range of topics already under my belt. I deliver informative, entertaining blogs and articles for a variety of clients on a regular basis.’  Happy to work on any size or type of copywriting project, you’ll be pleased to find he’s friendly, approachable and easy to work with – I certainly did!

Corporate headshots norwich

I visited Nigel at his writing desk in the beautiful village of Blofield,  on the outskirts of Norwich (so no parking issues should you wish to visit him in person to discuss your project) to create bespoke, professional business head shots.  This country-casual copywriter (yes, we both like alliteration!) can help you ‘engage more clients with persuasive writing that sells’, he was also quickly at ease in front of the camera – enabling me to capture a range of pictures to suit his business and remit – some of which can be seen below (Nigel chose the image above and the image below for his website).

Want to know more about Nigel and his services?   Then head on over to Cardinal Copywriting – there are some great tips on site which can assist us all in our business website SEO and much more.

bespoke professional business head shots norfolk


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