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What I continually find interesting, are the assumptions many make about how we develop our skills and in turn, our business.  Comments like: ‘you’re really lucky’, ‘I come across your name everywhere I look locally, with regards photography’, ‘I’d love to do what you do, but don’t have your connections’, ‘your business seems to be going from strength to strength, you must know a lot of people who help you’.  The underlying message these comments present, is one which simply misses the reality of the situation;  I don’t leave anything to luck, everything I achieve comes through, planning, implementation, hard work and diligence.

Yes, I write for Imagemaker magazine, and a number of other publications, but the Editors didn’t come knocking on my door – I did my research and approached each and every one with an angle or idea, also known as a pitch.  This is how Angie’s Angle was born.

I have the people who made the above comments to thank for my column in Imagemaker.  It was their message which sewed the seed with regards interviewing fellow photographers to share their photographic business journeys.  Journeys which tell stories of overcoming adversity, hard work, education, training, personal development and so much more – luck isn’t a word many of them use!   Success doesn’t simply land in one’s lap, it’s the product of hard work, diligence and commitment over time (and taking each knock-back as a challenge to move further forward), which is wonderful, as it means we all have the ability to achieve and be the very best we can be – it’s not necessarily who we know, but what we do that matters.

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