Develop – IT Training, Norwich

Having been employed in education for a number of years, I was interested to discover what Develop Norwich had to offer and I wasn’t disappointed.  Develop Centre Manager, Catherine Hegarty, requested I shoot pictures for website and brochure use in a super-speedy time frame, and without the use of on or off-camera flash.  I tend to use off-camera flash as my go-to lighting choice.  Why?  Because I like to control the light – to achieve what I want, rather than what the ambient light allows.

Develop Norwich

More about Develop
Have you ever wanted to create a phone application, design a computer game, learn how a computer works, then dismantle and reassemble it?  Develop provide the training and associated qualifications to equip you with the skills to do just this and more.

This Norwich-based training centre offers creative IT/computing courses, using industry standard technology.  It also provides the opportunity for students to meet local IT businesses.

Want to know more, visit Develop’s website.

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