What a week that was!

The Societies Convention 2018 – one of the UK’s largest all welcome photography conventions

January is always a month I look forward to.  Why?  It’s the month when photographers from across the globe converge on London to attend and participate in The Societies Convention.  For many of us it’s at time to catch up with old friends, make new ones and take part in one of the UKs largest all-welcome photography conventions.    It’s the latter which I love about this convention!

A week of work-hard, play-hard

This year I had the honour of spending two days judging the 20 x 16 print competition with a team of great people, headed by The Societies, Terrie Jones.  Hundreds of prints were placed upon light stands by the never-tiring team of hard-working, white-gloved print handlers, who treated each and every print with the respect it deserved.  Each print awarded a merit (a score of 80 or higher) was swiftly taken to the foyer of the London Hilton Metropole where an exhibition of prints was hung.

The Societies Judging 2018

Friday saw me deliver a Masterclass – Risky Business.  I knew my room would not be packed as risk assessments and health and safety do not fill most with excitement – but I am passionate about the subject and was pleased with interest show by the delegates who did attend, and the feedback which some profered (shown at the bottom of this post).  Saturday afternoon saw me deliver my first Superclass at this convention – The Business of Business Portraiture.  Four hours wasn’t long enough but as a group we’ve kept in touch and will revisit at some point in the near future to take the education to the next level.

Superclass 2018

I must also mention the super Welcome Party which took place on Thursday evening and the Trade Show which ran for three days too.

Exhibition and Trade Show

The awards dinner

This has always been the icing on the cake and a great end to a busy week.  Plus, for a Norfolk female, the chance to rid myself of Wellingtons, jeans and waterproofs and wear an evening dress.  Our table of twelve meets each year, and this year there were some new faces joining us as old friends were absent (and missed).  It was an emotional evening with friends and colleagues receiving awards and for my long-time mentor Damian McGillicuddy, a life-time achievement award.  The biggest shock and surprise of the evening was to recieve a Master Photographer award myself.  This meant a great deal, as it is awarded to photographers for what they have given back to the industry over the years.

Until next year

Plans are already afoot for The Societies Convention 2019 which will see us return to a past much-loved venue in London, of which many of us hold fond memories.  Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Thank you to some of my delegates for taking the time to provide me with feedback – it is very much appreciated:

Superclass Societies 2018

A brilliant session on Risk Assessment (genuinely makes me wonder how many of us take our health for granted!).

Jakob Gronkjaer

Thanks so much for giving your time and expertise to the likes of me on a subject that is of huge, potentially life changing importance but which can usually be very dull and dryly presented.  You made it fun, interesting, personal, relevant and the two hours sped by.  I really enjoyed it, something I was not expecting!  It will also make a difference to my business and potentially even keep me out of prison.  Thanks again – great to meet you and thanks for sharing.  Now just have to put all I learnt to good use.

Vicki Sharpe

It was lovely to see you again this year. Thank you for the invaluable information, at the session. It was both informative and very reassuring.

 We enjoyed the informal setting, as it really gave us a brilliant opportunity to relate the information to our business and situations specifically, which was much more useful than any other Health and Safety course we’ve ever been to. 

Gareth and Brianna Wignall

 It was really interesting and useful to find out how you started with the business portrait side of your business and that it can be done to a higher level than the £50 quick shot.  There was a lot of good information given by you and a lot of useful interaction between the delegates. Like you, I would have liked more practical time and to be able to take more photos with proper light to include the different poses… I feel confident to go ahead with a separate business portrait business and I now know what is important to get it started.  Thank you again for your time and the presentations, also thank you to Lisa for letting us have the Networking slides.

Karen Gavin

Thank you for hosting a really interesting Superclass on Saturday and congratulations on your marvellous award!  I found it extremely valuable to hear all of your first-hand experience and see your workflow in such detail…  In the light of your advice I will definitely make some changes to the website this month, create an e-brochure and also join some networking groups.  Thanks once again for a brilliant Superclass – see you next year I’m sure!

Geoff Dennison

 Thank you. I really learned a lot at your Superclass.

Katherine Neale

Thank you for such an interesting and stimulating class yesterday.   As I mentioned, it’s a subject I’d been planning to look at in the near future anyway so you’ve answered a lot of questions, plugged a lot of holes and given me the impetus to move forward.  Your straightforward honest approach and willingness to discuss certainly helped here too… The posing we did at the end was really helpful, but it could have been even more so if we could have shot some “real” business portraits.   Thank you once again, and I look forward to catching up with you soon. I’ve thought of a couple of things I’ll ask you when the time is right!

 Tim Hensel

 The class was superb and my head was buzzing during the journey out of London.  Lots of great advice and ideas and it was great to have such an interactive group.  Hope you don’t mind if I keep in touch during my journey into full time professional photography.

Jon Clark

I really appreciated your honesty, openness, and desire to help.  Some trainers are full of the opposite!

 Laurence Jones

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  1. Maria says:

    Thank you so much Angela for your detailed feedback on my ASWPP qualification 🙂

  2. Angela Adams says:

    Hi Maria,
    It was my pleasure. Have a great 2018.
    Kind Regards

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