What’s been happening and what’s to come!

As the months roll on I find myself once again apologising for neglecting my blog.  I seem to have become a victim of my own success and am very aware, as a small business,  the benefits of regular blogging the and associated business it brings.  However,  my time is not infinite and I do not possess a Tardis or the ability to cast a spell which allows me to time travel (Harry Potter fans will relate to the latter) so prioritising client work will always come first, even if I do love writing blogs!

1.  Giving back to the industry

Many of us reach a point in our careers when we like to donate a little of our time giving back to our associated industries.  I’ve spent time with a couple of local camera clubs providing free critique evenings: City Photo Club who meet in a rather nice public house in Eaton and Reepham and District Photographic Society who meet at the rather wonderful restored railway museum – Whitwell Station.  I continue to judge and mentor for The Societies and am always pleased when members email their thanks (we all like a little recognition), thank you, Terrie Jones, Competition Manager for your continued support.  I also gave a day of my time to The Master Photographer’s Association at their Annual Awards weekend, again mentoring and advice on their Working Profile Document.  A certain friend, who shall remain nameless, likened me to Cyril Fletcher sitting in my comfy armchair on the qualifications floor –  to that person I  say one thing… The world is round sir!  ;o).

2.  Angela’s Imaginarium

The new additional business has a name!  Angela’s Imaginarium has been trialled over the summer and we’re in the final stages of putting together the associated website and experience offers.  I’ve designed product which has been hand-crafted in Italy and will be linked to each photography experience  – I have actually been chastised by my partner for spending far too much gazing at the said product – I won’t apologise for this, as much time, effort and me has gone into its creation.

3.  Continual Professional Development

I have always been a fan of lifelong learning, not only in my profession but throughout life in general.  Each and every craft we try, book we read, course we attend etc., has an impact on our lives and creates the person we are (and sometimes the person we wish to become).  I was honoured to be awarded the very first MMoS Master Photographer Award in September – this CPD has seen me develop not only as a photographer but as a business person over the past six years.

Hot on its heels came my Fellowship with The Master Photographer’s Association.  Many people say how lucky I am to receive these award, my response will always be,’it’s surprising how lucky one can be when they work hard and continually strive to be the best they can be’, which in turn provides great service and product for our clients.  The Fellowship was ‘Invited’, which meant this entire website was scrutinised by three MPA Fellows along with my 30-page Working Profile Document.  A document which not only details one’s business journey since inception but lists Health & Safety and Risk Assessment details, insurance details, business and assignment workflow, client testimonials, website and marketing, personal statement and future plans.  Phew!  The certificate was presented at the MPA Awards Ceremony last weekend (where the featured image at the top of this page was taken, the people pictured are some of my continual professional development group MMoS, plus Kelly Brown).


4.  The Societies

The countdown is on!  As 2019 looms, so does the annual Societies Convention.  This year I shall be part of the judging team for the 20×16 competition again – this is live judging in front of an audience and is one of ‘the’ best few hours, anyone wanting to participate in competition photography, can spend.  I was also honoured to be asked to be part of the Judging Round Table Discussion, along with industry legend Jerry Ghionis, Terrie Jones, David Stanbury, Jocelyn Conway and Gordan McGowan.  This will take place in the Chablis Suite of the Novotel London West Hotel in Hammersmith on Thursday 17th January at 7 pm.   The following day I shall be delivering a team-taught Superclass with Damian McGillicuddy and Jocelyn Conway – It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination!  Places are limited and must be booked and paid for in advance.   Then on Saturday (after the Friday night Awards Ceremony), Professional Imagemaker Editor, Mike McNamee and I will be delivering a Masterclass, Raise Your Profile and Design Marketing Material on a Budget in room Muscadet.  It promises to be a fantastic four days of education, networking… And a three-day Trade Show.  I look forward to seeing you there, please come and say hello if you see me, it’s good to put a face to a name.

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