Angela Adams Photography Friends 101

Sadie Holehouse Morning Angie, Thank you for yesterday. Mark was lovely and it was great to see you and get your much-appreciated advice again. Thank you for your email and recommendation, I will definitely look to replace the camera for something lighter or at least get a better lens. If you have any preference to make/model then please let me know…I’ll go to Wex and chat to them anyway. Hope to see you again in the not too distant future.  All the best.

Caroline Lawrence – Thank you so much for today. I really enjoyed myself and couldn’t believe the time went so quickly. Thank you too, Mark, for getting your shirt off in the cold! We are very lucky to have Angela.  One of the industry’s best!

Ger Coleman Attended this morning, if Angela runs this again, I would highly recommend it, great tuition as always from Angela and thoroughly enjoyable too.  It was great learning fun today, so lucky that we have you to tutor us all.

Claire Bullion – Hi Angela,  Lovely to see you and the other women who attended.  I learnt loads and really enjoyed myself, thank you so much for arranging this session – really practical and helped to de-mystify aspects of studio lighting. Mark is a really great model too.  I’m going to look out for any future ones.

Marion Ridgley – Hi Angie,  It was lovely to see you again and to receive all of your help and knowledge.  My head was buzzing last night! I have had a quick look this morning and the images are fantastic. I am thinking of putting one in for our Camera Club end of year Annual competition!  Thank you so much lots of help and guidance. Do keep me informed of any future events, please… Hope to see you very soon.