NCFE. Photography Students – The Class of 2016

I am so proud of all my learners.  100% retention and 100% pass rate, with some having enrolled for Level 2. 

Geraldine Coleman – I don’t know what you get paid for teaching us, but whatever it is, it is not enough!  It couldn’t come near to the amount of extra hours you put in for your learners.  You are so good to all of us for all this extra help, I cannot thank you enough… Just wanted to say thanks so much, I have learnt loads.   I can see by looking at what I shoot that I am looking at things in a different way and have photographs that I could not have taken several weeks ago, all thanks to your fabulous tuition. You have made us “think outside the box”.   Although there are a lot of photographs which will go straight to trash, there are photos where I can see improvement.  It is so nice to be able to take a photo from a completely different perspective.  The world is such a different place now!  I will be forever grateful to you.  Amazing tuition and endless support.  Thank you.

Sadie Holehouse-MacAllen – Thanks for being the best teacher I’ve ever had!  It’s been lots of fun… We’ll miss you!

Lisa Bruton – Angela Adams introduced me to photography and what a fantastic introduction it was. I have just completed an NCFE Level 1 photography course and Angela was my tutor. I was a complete novice and also quite nervous at the thought of going back into a classroom after leaving school 20 years ago. Angela made me feel at ease from the moment I met her. Her enthusiasm for photography is infectious and thanks to her I am now hooked on the subject. Angela has given me the confidence to embark on a level 2 course. Angela’s photographic knowledge and ability is very impressive and I would recommend her as a tutor and photographer for any occasion. Angela is friendly and approachable and goes above and beyond to ensure her students achieve their goals. I genuinely hope that I get to work with Angela again in the future and I will be forever grateful for the amazing introduction to photography she has given me.

Matt Goodrum – Thanks for all your enthusiasm and inspiration throughout the course, which has inspired me to better my photography.

Lesley Poole – Hi Angie,  I would just like to say thank you so very much for your wonderful tuition, support, guidance and encouragement over the past few months during our Level 1 course.  Your dedication to (us) your students has been above and beyond and we all really appreciate the fact that you have been so enthusiastic and approachable. Your teaching style and personality has made our journey so much easier. I think that under other tuition many of us may have left the course in the earlier stages but you have helped us all develop and grow in our skills and confidence.  Many  thanks for your patience and sharing all your tips.  I’ve learned so much.

Tara Hansard – Thanks for the teaching, I’ve found it really beneficial, and it was fun to do… My travel photos have definitely improved!

Emily Wood – Thanks for everything Angie, you’ve been so brilliant and supportive over the last few months.  Will miss you!

Annie McSherry – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the class and loved learning and trying out with my camera alongside the other students especially with your expert guidance.  I feel very well equipped now to move forward on my photographic journey, and much more informed and confident than when I started :))  Your teaching and support has been the best I could have hoped for and more and I feel totally fortunate to have been a student of the 2016 Photography Level 1 class, heartfelt thanks Angie 😉

Angi Goldsmith – Thank you so much for all your support over the past 17 weeks.  I will miss our Wednesday nights!  Thanks.

Shelley Bullen – Thanks for all you have taught me, I hope to see you again in the future.

EC – Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and inspiring us every week.  Thank you.