It’s About The Journey, Not The Destination!

Four-hour Superclass team-tutored by Angela Adams (FSWPP Grand Master Photographer), Damian McGillicuddy (FSWPP Grand Master Photographer Double Bar) and Jocelyn Conway (FSWPP Master Photographer) at The Societies Convention, January 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s given me so much to think about and answered so many questions I had going on in my head!
Great to meet Angela! Congratulations Jocelyn and Angela on your awards last night👏🍾 – Jacky Turner.

I found it excellent, and thank you all for being so open and helpful – Tony Moore.

Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!! And congrats xxx – Sharon Wallis.

I have been wowed and inspired and allowed to wear the big dog 43 Can it get any better !!!  – Ivan Hugh.

Thanks for this Superclass, TOOOOOOO many ideas have sprung into my head now, tasks being completed today and tomorrow and so to the next adventure, I always come back from seeing Damian McGillicuddy with a new idea, but this has set me on my way with so many, not just the images but the start of the Journey, who knows what that destination will be, Madness probably. It was a pleasure.  The Maltesers did not survive past 8 pm!  I start my first panel next week, ( Figure and Glamour) Portrait one mid-Feb, do they look at A panels at the Photography Show? To sit before 3 of the best, not knowing what to expect is not easy, but what actually happened became fun and relaxed, information sank in and ideas sparked.  They showed us how to be our own critics (never easy) put our ducks in order (panelling) and by working on the core requirements achieve images that will sit in the award winners list.  Thanks to all 3! – David J Severn.

I learned so much in your class, especially about printing and paper choices. Awesome! Thanks very much for the amazing goodie bag too which was an unexpected and lovely surprise. What a treat!  I am so happy I attended the ‘It’s the journey, not the destination’ superclass run by Damian, Angela and Jocelyn at the Societies convention. It was a chance to learn directly from the experts and also hear a variety of issues, concerns and questions from the delegates in the class. We were shown examples of how to display a panel and discussed what the judges are looking for in a winning image. Each of the delegates also had the opportunity of having an image critiqued which was extremely helpful.  I particularly enjoyed looking at different examples of printing paper as I saw for myself what a huge effect the different textures and finishes can make to a photograph. Most of all it was presented in a fun and relaxed way. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve the way they present their work for judging and also to anyone considering working on a qualification… Good luck with your future classes.  – Alison McMath.

Thank YOU! It was a great superclass.  I did enjoy the class and the multiple elements of what needs to be considered within an image was really helpful, and the most eye-opening for me in terms of how images are viewed in competition (and how of course I can work on improving my photography results!)  Although we might ‘know’ about these things, bringing it all together for just one image can so easily be overlooked.  I think your ‘read the rules’ for competitions/qualifications was again a valuable point.  The class was fun, open and you, Jocelyn and Damian were frank in responses.  It was also nice to hear other peoples stories as that gives you your own food for thought too.  The goody bag was great, and a lovely surprise!!  Apart from enjoying the goodies myself, I have also looked at it as more than just a goody bag, but how I can add this into my photography offering to clients.   ;o)  – Helen Moore.

Thanks for a great session. Went to buy some rather nice paper from Permajet and they told me Damian had collared the lot!!  Lots of motivation from session, really boosted my drive and a lot to think about. Thanks again guys – David Kennedy.