Juliette Tompkins, Marketing Executive – Brown & Co

Dear Angie, I’m really sorry I missed you earlier this morning, I was out at a meeting and the USB stick was placed on my desk when I arrived in.  Thank you so much for the photographs, they’re all great, and everyone I have spoken to is really happy with them (which is rare!)… the fab quality shots really tie in well with our current photos.  It was a pleasure to work with you and I must say a huge thank you again for the fast turnaround.

With staff numbers of over 200 and a growing business, we are constantly updating our website with new staff photos.  We selected Angie, being a local photographer and a fast response to our requirements was received.  A speedy turnaround was prioritised and the attention to detail before the session was great.  Angie has specifically colour-matched our new staff photos with some pre-existing photos taken by another photographer.  Flexible, great to work with and fantastic photos.  Could not fault the service! Would 100% recommend.