The Societies Convention 2017 – Masterclass, The Write Stuff
  • Thank you again for a very engaging and information talk today. Brianna Wignall – GnBri Photography.
  • Thanks again for today. It was very interesting and I feel it has given me some great ideas.  I’m now going to go over the things I identified I needed to do.  It was lovely to meet you and I hope to catch up again in the future. Nicola Elliot – Nicola Elliot Photography.
  • Sorry about my poor English, I’m French… I found lots of valuable information in your class. My new website will air in a week and there are some ideas I will definitely make mine.  What I loved the most about your presentation is how you dared to be so truthful.  Somebody’s recipe will not fit everyone and those “recipes” are explained without some little bricks that would have made them really efficient…. I’m looking forward to meeting you next year! Alex Argy – Argy Photo.