Working behind the scenes to capture your production story
CAPTURing the narrative of your production
with unobtrusive skill and professionalism

Employing the Ninja-like skills of stealth and silence, as your behind-the-scenes photographer we become invisible ensuring fourth walls are not broken, because we know the importance of focus for the talent and crew.    
Shooting mirrorless allows for silent capture and we deliver both high-resolution RAW files and edited jpegs; telling the authentic story of both cast and crew through considered narrative-driven photography!  

Hi Angela,  I’m now back in the office once again… So today has been my first chance to view and fully appreciate the pictures. I’m delighted with the spread of emotions atmospheres and expressions you captured, meaning every individual has now found their own personal favourite.  But above all, I’m more than satisfied with the way you met and exceeded the brief.  We now have the perfect images to blend into the next phase of our marketing.  We’ve found the ideal printers and are in the throes of designing the mail-shot with them, which I shall copy to you as soon as it’s signed-off.  It’s been fun working with you on this and I hope the opportunity will arise again. Once more, many thanks.

John Mountford, Founder and Chairman - JMS TV & Radio
BTS TV & Film

JMS Group needed a fresh look to their team photography, something to stand out from the crowd and really bring a strong focus to us really being a ‘team’ to work with, and not just a bunch of creatives for hire. Angela took the time to really listen and develop our brief, was thorough in her prep work, a joy to work with on the day of the shoot, and the finished images are being used throughout the company’s marketing activities with enormous pride. She’s amazingly good value to boot, would definitely recommend.

Francesca de Lacey, Managing Director - JMS TV & Radio
BTS TV & Film

I gave Angie a job... And she rewarded me with a stunning portfolio of pictures; a day behind the scenes of our feature film, starring James Faulkner. Mostly, I followed her on Instagram. I studied her work, became enthralled by her gaze and her subjects. At the time of preparing to shoot our feature film in the US (about 2 years after Angie and I briefly reconnected via social media) we realised we would need to shoot a few days on location in London or just outside of London. I invited Angie to take behind-the-scenes- photographs on set.

I was not disappointed. Nor were my UK and US producing partners. Her work is brilliant. Truly superb. She is so completely unassuming and yet so masterful. Present and yet seemingly invisible to the human eye as she effortlessly bobbed in and out of tiny spaces, moving between actors and creatives to capture breath-taking shots. I had forewarned her, that she might not be able to get access to some spaces and/or some of the personalities working diligently on set eg: famous actors, director, cinematographer, etc. Either she didn’t hear me or she didn’t notice because she got access to anything and everything, anyone and everyone, with ease and with aplomb! On the one hand, I barely saw her on set as we were filming. But on the other hand, I have over 300 photos of the day and all I can think is: “how in heavens name did she… get that shot?!”. She captured the spirit of the day and the practical elements superbly. She is a fantastic photographer; a generous and deeply compassionate person, and just wonderful to work with.

Nike Imoru PhD CSA - Rebelkat Productions (Owner At Nike Imoru Casting)
BTS TV & Film
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