Chrissi Rix - Hypnotherapist and Image Consultant
Headshots and business portraits for Woman's Wellbeing Hypnotherapist and Image Consultant - Chrissi Rix

Meet Chrissi Rix - Professional and Accredited Hypnotherapist and Image Consultant.

Chrissi says, 'I hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy Counselling and my governing body is The National Hypnotherapy Society.

For many years I have supported women, helping them to feel good about themselves, through active listening, image consultancy, and problem-solving. I trained as a Hypnotherapist to aid further positive change through the hypnosis and counselling process, and it gives me so much pleasure to combine these skills to help women. My paramount concern is women's welfare and well-being and offering a total well-being package, making positive and beneficial changes to the mind, body and soul.'

More about Chrissi: www.womanswellbeing.co.uk


Chrissi required a makeover of her online headshots. We chatted before the session about colour psychology and clothing choices to ensure the photographs reflected her profession and brand. We were working to a deadline as Chrissi was being featured in The Norfolk Magazine, so a Studio Headshot Standard Session fitted well with the timing and remit.


It was important that Chrissi came across as her authentic self in her headshots; professional, yet approachable. It was also important that Chrissi's portraits reflected her character and brand to assist connecting with her ideal client. We also needed to ensure Chrissi's business headshots fitted the social media platforms she interacts on and her new website!


What does your headshot or social media avatar say about you? We can help you stand out in a saturated marketplace with a business headshot to give your business a professional edge.


Our complimentary pre-session telephone consultation will ensure you know what will before, during and after your session.   It's important to consider what to wear, as clothing choices tell a story and portray a particular image or look; the business suit is no longer prerequisite, looking like we’ve made an effort to dress appropriately is. This is also when we'll book a date in the diary.


Your session will take place, either on location or in the studio and you will have chosen your package.


This is where we show you your pictures and you get to choose your favourites which will be individually edited. Our service to you doesn't end here. We're only a telephone call away and will keep in touch as you and your business success is important to us.


I really enjoyed the headshot session, and as you know I don’t actually like being photographed!

Your studio is nice and private and practical and set up perfectly. Your customer service with the water and changing facilities was also great.

I think your relaxed, friendly, positive and professional manner was the best bit of the session. I felt comfortable and confident you would get what we needed.

The Top 5 Must-have Headshots and Business Portraits

1. The profile headshot- should be clear, well-lit and recognisable

2. Work with me - appear approachable and authentic in your workspace

3. Lifestlye - to entice people into your brand

4. Details - flatlays, products, tools of your trade, the little things that stand out

5. The signature shot - an epic shot to instantly set you apart from the competitio; ensure your portrait fits your brand and it introduces you without distraction 

Is a headshot the new handshake in today's business world? Headshots aren't expensive, they're priceless!

Get your free copy of my headshot and business portrait guide, packed with information on how to make the most of your headshot session - email me today!

When asking a past client why they’d commissioned me, their response made me smile: ‘I liked your work, but you looked like a nice person in your website picture.’ I’d honestly never thought about this before it was brought to my attention. As a business owner, and the face of your business, have you?
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