Inner Farmacy in the Spotlight
Personal Brand Photography for Ayurvedic Health Counsellor, Jodey Simmonds

Norwich based, Inner Farmacy, is the passion of Ayurvedic Health Counsellor, Jodey Simmonds. Whilst on a business trip to Kerala, India, Jodey was introduced by a friend to Ayurveda. A couple of years later, Jodey left a 20-year career in the fashion industry to train for Ayurveda certification in California, culminating in her achieving Practitioner status in New Mexico, where Jodey also qualified as a Yoga teacher. Jodey now delivers workshops and provides Ayurvedic consultations in Norwich.


Jodey came to me with a specific vision for her personal brand photography session, which we discussed at length. The main role of the pictures was for marketing a new product on a new website. It was important the pictures represented a specific ideology, so the correct location and time of day to achieve the looks required was key.


After spending a day shooting on location in different lighting conditions a set of pictures, which were relevant and on-brand, were captured. I worked with Jodey to achieve the edited look she required for each individual picture. At times revisiting an image to change the mood and feel as it was paramount Jodey's product offering showcased her brand story with clarity.


Spending a little time getting to know you and your business is important because we want you to have incredible on-brand photographs to elevate your business profile.

We've chosen to specialize in on-brand photography as we know it will help your business stand out, save you time, make you more money and increase your authority!


Greater than the sum of its parts - in just twelve questions this custom-designed tool will help you dig deep into the branding of your business and help us work together to create your stand-out story in pictures.


This is when we spend time discussing your questionnaire responses as it helps us plan the details of your photography experience. We also book a date in the diary.


Where the magic happens and your pictures are created. Don't worry, you'll be prepared as we will have already spoken about clothing choice, the psychology of colour and props. We may visit more than one location to align with your brand story too.


Your image bank of pictures will have been individually edited and delivered to you via digital download. We'll still keep in touch and be there for you going forward, we're only a phone call away.


Angela truly values her clients and the story they want to tell. She strives to make meaningful connections with who you are personally and visually connects the dots to achieve authentic branding and imagery. I was impressed with how thorough the planning process was. Angela leaves no stone unturned. From our initial conversations about the shoot, she posed thought-provoking questions. The shoot would not have been as successful if she hadn’t challenged my ideas of working in the studio. I was a tad uncomfortable with the change, but once Angela planted the seed, I was able to see the value in shooting on location, which provided so much more scope.

During the shoot, Angela’s acute attention to detail and organisation created a relaxed and creative environment for us to work. We were on the same page throughout, brainstorming creative ideas on how we wanted the images to look. She is flexible yet detailed. Her skill, communication and experience combine to create a level of professionalism that leaves you feeling completely safe and confident in her abilities. In post-production, Angela gladly worked with me to create the right mood in light and texture. Angela looks after her clients from start to finish to make sure they are delighted. I would not hesitate to recommend Angela; I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Let's chat today about your personal brand session!

You can email me: angela@angelaadamsphotography.co.uk or give me a call : (01508) 484098.

My challenge to you is to create big goals for your business and work at making them happen; stand out from the crowd and let yourself be seen.

'You have to set goals that are almost out of reach.
If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought,
you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential'
- Steve Garvey
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