Me & Proud - 50 over 50 Project
Personal project - to photograph 50 women aged over 50 for International Women's Day 2020

Me and Proud is a personal project with a remit to photograph 50 women aged over 50 for International Women's Day 2020 (I say 'is', rather than was, as we never got to complete the project due to the pandemic; I have a small number of females waiting to have their portrait taken when it's safe and appropriate to do so).

Why me and proud? After a family portrait session in my studio, I decided to create a portrait of me, one without make-up, hair-styling or clothing, just simple fabric to allow for modesty. It was such a liberating experience, that I decided to offer 49 other females the opportunity of a complimentary session, as long as they were happy to follow the same concept. The end aim was to create a free E-book for us all and perhaps a hard copy for those who wanted one, with the option of being the cover girl.


The images created were beautifully natural and a celebration of acceptance as we age!

As mentioned above, we still have a number of portraits to complete after lockdown 2021. What he have found so far, however, is that when all the trappings of clothing, make-up and hairstyling are removed it's quite difficult to guess the profession of the female. I trialled this as a game at a couple of talks I gave to local women's groups. Out of twenty photographs displayed, the highest score for guessing the profession, was four!

If you'd like to play the game and see if you can guess the women's professions, I have the game on my other website. Just hover over the picture of the female to see her profession. Let me know how you get on, I'd love to know your score!


So many wonderful women seized the moment and accepted my offer!
Their stories of Me & Proud... In their own words:
“Capturing the natural mid-age woman ‘as is’ - without make-up, or hair styling – is a great idea.  I welcome Angela’s innovative and active approach to celebrate women in their 50s in order to help us come to terms with our younger selves fading away to give space for a more mature, unfamiliar, yet beautiful self.  It requires a change in mind-set and interpretation of self and for us to see our inner, as well as, outer beauty.  Angela’s photography is a refreshing way to encourage us to be courageous as we join this journey of acceptance to the next chapter of our lives – thank you. ”
Dr Susanne Lindqvist
“What a liberating experience this has been... Angela thank you. So much. You have helped - no made - me look at me in a whole new way. And captured so many aspects of me all at once. I love your summation. And I'm so very proud. You have worked some real magic lovely lady. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and chat with you and look forward to seeing you again soon.”
Simone Gilbert
“Angela Adams I can't thank you enough for such a fun afternoon. You certainly know how to bring out the best in us and it shows in your wonderful photography... Much love ❤️”
Tuesday Simmonds

P.S. We were all honoured when participant, Sue Bayliss wrote about the project in her weekend column for the Eastern Daily Press.

“Angela, you are so good at getting the most from people and it was a dream come true for me to have a photo shoot.  Wow the pictures are absolutely fabulous and so difficult to choose. Thank you ”
Debs Johnson
“From the first moment I met Angela we had very similar mind sets about age and what ageing can mean both in a positive and negative way. I am very uncomfortable in front of the camera but Angela made me feel so at ease, I really felt uplifted by the whole experience. Thank you.”
Jayne Raffles
“I met Angela for the first time when I went for my photo shoot and she was so welcoming and really put me at ease straight away. The photo session seemed to fly by as we were generally chatting and laughing and Angela made sure I was comfortable with trying different things. What can I say I absolutely loved the photos she took of me, even though I was without makeup, I still looked fabulous , Thankyou so much Angela x”
Lorraine Brooks
“Angela made me feel totally at ease. I hate looking at myself in a mirror but absolutely love the photos she took. Thank you for giving me the confidence to be myself. X”
Alina Stammers
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