Behind-the-scenes photography for Rebel Kat Productions
BTS FILM Photography, on location in london

Seattle-based Rebel Kat Productions is the female-led production company of Rebecca Petriello, CEO and Nike Imoru, President. Their mission is to finance quality film and television which empowers the voices and stories of women, black, indigenous, people of colour, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities -both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.


To provide behind-the-scenes photographs for the on-location and on-set filming of this Anglo-American movie's scenes set in London and Berkshire. All Those Small Things was written by award-winning screenwriter and director Andrew Hyatt. Executive producers were Rebecca Petriello and Nike Imoru. Producing Partners, Chi Rho Films (Andrew Hyatt and Caleb Applegate) and North by Northwest productions.


Being the first on location and the last to leave was priority to enable me to capture the narrative of the day from start to finish; portraying the work of the crew and cast  through seamless storytelling portraiture. The ability to be almost invisible so as not to distract but to be in the right place at the right time was key. Knowledge of how to best use ambient light for outdoor location pictures, yet stay out of the way of the camera and crew, and be silent whilst working, and capture appropriate pictures is a skill developed over time and keeps the BTS Photographer on their toes. Knowing when to not take pictures and not break any fourth walls is key to keeping everyone happy on location and on set and enabling pictures to be captured with narrative which can be used for marketing and publicity.

THE MOVIE - World Premiere at Seattle International Film Festival, April 2021

All Those Small Things is a charming indie drama about finding friendship in the most unexpected people, and in the most unexpected places. Long time British game show host, Jonathan Robbins, finds himself questioning his mortality and legacy after the recent death of a close friend. When he comes across an unexpected letter from a young fan, he heads into the backwoods of America in search of deeper meaning for his life.


James Faulkner as Jonathan Robbins, Jim Meskimen as Brian, Nigel Betts as Spencer, David Robb as David, Cliff Parisi as Nick, Kerry Knuppe as Ruby, Lacy Hartselle as Svetlana and Gloria Laino as Alice.


Official website: https://allthosesmallthingsmovie.com/


I gave Angie the job... And she rewarded me with a stunning portfolio of pictures; a day behind the scenes of our feature film, starring James Faulkner... Mostly, I followed her on Instagram. I studied her work, became enthralled by her gaze and her subjects. At the time of preparing to shoot our feature film in the US (about 2 years after Angie and I briefly reconnected via social media) we realised we would need to shoot a few days on location in London or just outside of London. I invited Angie to take behind-the-scenes photographs on set.

I was not disappointed. Nor were my UK and US producing partners. Her work is brilliant. Truly superb. She is so completely unassuming and yet so masterful. Present and yet seemingly invisible to the human eye as she effortlessly bobbed in and out of tiny spaces, moving between actors and creatives to capture breath-taking shots. I had forewarned her, that she might not be able to get access to some spaces and/or some of the personalities working diligently on set eg: famous actors, director, cinematographer, etc. Either she didn’t hear me or she didn’t notice because she got access to anything and everything, anyone and everyone, with ease and with aplomb! On the one hand, I barely saw her on set as we were filming. But on the other hand, I have over 300 photos of the day and all I can think is: “how in heavens name did she… get that shot?!”. She captured the spirit of the day and the practical elements superbly. She is a fantastic photographer; a generous and deeply compassionate person, and just wonderful to work with.

Nike Imoru PhD CSA, President and Executive Producer – Rebelkat Productions
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