Stay At Home - Life In Lockdown
Personal project - a memory book for photography friends and the ICU Department at James Paget Hospital, Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk

To create a memory book for the staff working at the ICU Department at James Paget Hospital, Gorleston-on-Sea in Norfolk and to show a comparison with a group of photography friends as all of us were locked down at home.

The book evolved in two parts:

Part one

Photographers and their families from across the United Kingdom, their lockdown family portrait and how they felt during the period of enforced isolation (each photographer took their own family portrait).

Part two

NHS staff and their families; their personal pictures (all taken on mobile phones) and how they felt working on the frontline.


March - the idea for this book was born

April - inception

May to June  - photographs and quotes were received and the book designed

July - a free E-book was made available to each person featured

August - printed copies were delivered


Different front covers were created for each E-book, allowing both ICU staff and Photographers to appear on the front cover.


After 6-months, the idea (which was born after a conversation with a friend working in ICU and me needing to tell their story) the book became a tangible reality. I was invited onto BBC Radio Suffolk to talk about the project and realised that some saw the book as a form of entertainment for me during lockdown. The truth was I needed a focus for my time spent shielding, a scary and worrying time for us all. The inside view I received from the material sent to me, was at times, harrowing. Each time a quote or set of pictures landed in my inbox my emotions were heightened and at times I was moved to tears reading the stories shared.

  • Messages received to complete the book - over 300
  • Emails - 39
  • Hours in design and development - too many to count
  • Tissues - 1 box,  used daily (when reading everyone's quotes)
  • Proofreading - 2 people over 10 hours

Lockdown affected each of us differently 
NHS staff and volunteers worked on the  front line in the battle against Covid-19.
Smiles, at times, camouflaged anxiety.
And exhaustion.  And overwhelm.
Emotions ran high!
The photography industry were instructed to stay home by the government.
Smiles, at times, camouflaged anxiety and overwhelm.
Activities, at times, were a form of distraction.
Emotions ran high!

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