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Angela Adams - Business, Brand and Editorial Photographer

Have you ever made the wrong choices in life and work?  I certainly have.  Choices which made me feel stifled and unfulfilled as I wasn't realising my dreams!  My start in life prevented me from thinking big and I was living to serve the people around me in a capacity that never realised my full potential.  Change came when I realised I could actually help those around me more by being true to myself, by making the change to dream big!  My first lifestyle change was in career, I moved from market research to banking administration; then at 32 I realised banking wasn’t for me either, so left London and banking behind and retrained to work in education.  I certainly didn't miss the 2.5 hour commute - living my dream to teach started with this stepping stone. However, after a number ofyears I realised this career choice wasn't my ideal either but it did giveme the confidence to move towards my bigger goal in life of running my own business and working in the creative sector.  The next step was moving counties,working part-time (still in education) and starting my own creative business in photography aged 41.


Did I stumble and make mistakes - of course!  What I discovered, however, was there are no real mistakes if you look upon them as learning experiences.  I sought out role models and mentors and surrounded myself with people who inspired me - as a wise person once told me, 'if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room!' 


I'm still learning every day, in life and in my business, which is now my full-time career.   I find myself fulfilled and in a position to give back and support others. Life is busy and at times there's overwhelm but I've learned to manage that too, on my terms not someone else's - that's the beauty of being self-employed.  I make the most of each new day and embrace it with gratitude.


If you're read this far - thankyou! 

My message to you is...

YOU are stronger, braver and more powerful than you think. 

Listen to your heart, think big and realise your dreams. 

Put in place stepping stones to reach these dreams, start today! 


Enjoy the thrill of the unknown and embrace the adventure and the journey of discovery to find the YOU which makes you happy. 


As Judy Garland once said, 'be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else! 


Isn't it better to try, and achieve even a small step towards your dream than to wonder, what if? 


Create the YOU, you want to be now, to allow your 80 year-old self the luxury of wonderful memories.

Photography Credit: Paul Parker (my husband and Photography Assistant).

P.S.  Confession time!

I’ve never been comfortable having my picture taken. I struggle to share pictures of me online.

As a Photographer I used to hide behind the pictures I took of my clients.  Why?  Because it felt safe and I didn’t think people wanted to see me!

Then I started taking my own advice and showed up online.  Was this scary?  You bet!  Did it get easier the more I did it?  Sure did!

And just like magic...  The pictures and posts of me recieved so much interest.

Potential clients tuned in to what I was sharing too but I already knew they would; I just needed to have the confidence to show up!

Do I still get nervous about sharing pictures of me, of course! Why do it then? Because I know it helps me, my business and those who are unsure about showing up too!  

I realised that it was okay for me not to be perfect; being me, being authentic and encouraging others to do the same was what really mattered!

Build KNOW, LIKE and TRUST with your audience.

Use pictures of you, to get you noticed (and build your confidence to).

We all deserve to be seen!

angela adams - business, brand and editorial photographer

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