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How to engage with the mentoring process to achieve great results and differentiate between criticism and critique
How to apply critique to consistently develop the quality of your pictures by using my easy-to-apply 15 point system
How to avoid the pitfalls which prevent many from being the best they can be, by learning why paper choice and panelling matter
The benefits of the journey for you and your clients, even if you don’t wish to achieve qualification
THE ONE-DAY POWER INDUCTION SESSION - bring your assistant too!

You will be guided on how to make informed choices saving you time and money, and given tools and skills to evaluate your work and business going forward.
WHAT PAST CLIENTS SAY: Read their testimonials at the bottom of this page.
THE FEE: £499 for a 1-to-1 session or bring your assistant along too; £599 for a 1-to-2 session
SPECIAL OFFER: Once you've attended an induction session ALL further critique/mentoring sessions attract a £15 discount fee.
IT'S all about you!
We help clarify the mentoring process and equip you with the skills to move forward with confidence, or perhaps take your first steps along the mentoring pathway by demystifying the process.  

We equip you with the skills to engage successfully with the mentoring process and show it isn’t all about winning competitions and qualification. Mentoring can increase your confidence and help you define your photography and business goals. Take your photography to the next level,  build your confidence and credibility, which in turn will build your client base.

Teamwork can be enlightening, so why not bring your assistant along to participate in the learning process too!

We've helped a number of clients through our portfolio surgeries and photography distinction mentoring.

Working towards a distinction can improve your photography. It really is about the journey, not the destination!  I know, because I've embraced the journey myself and understand how it feels to undergo regular critique of my work.  Nobody should feel down and disheartened by mentoring critique; you should feel empowered and inspired!   We care about helping you embrace mentoring as we sincerely want you to be the best photographer you can be!

P.S. I'm honoured to be one of only seven Grand Master Photographers of The Societies - an award given to those who give back to the industry.

P.P.S. The picture shown here features The Societies Judging School which I co-hosted.

All further mentoring sessions attract a £15 discount!
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Thank you so much Angela for your detailed feedback on my ASWPP qualification.

Ebourne Images
For Photographers

Angela is a brilliant mentor. She is enthusiastic, passionate about photography and hugely knowledgeable about the business side of things. I have finished the three induction sessions more motivated and with a head full of ideas on how to move my business forward.

Marcus Scott
For Photographers

Thank you so much... the input and feedback per image is just amazing, and it taught me a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, which I will improve from now on. Thank you so much Angie, the feedback is invaluable I take on-board everything I have learnt from this submission. Some of the images are from a few years ago, so I have moved on since then. But I work on a new body of work, and certainly take everything you have told me into that. Many thanks again, I really appreciate the time and feedback.

Peter Rooney
For Photographers

I am just writing to say a huge THANK You for reviewing my images and sending me my feedback. This was by far the most informative and useful of all the reports I've had. Firstly, it arrived so quickly which took me by total surprise. The critique for each image was detailed and gave me clarity on the possible improvements that can be made and I actually feel for the first time that I can understand what is letting the images down from a technical point of view, rather than a personal preference. I would just like you to know that I really appreciate the time and effort you have gone to and that you've really helped to reinstate my desire to work towards my next qualification. Kindest Regards.

Detheo Photography
For Photographers

A brilliant session on Risk Assessment (genuinely makes me wonder how many of us take our health for granted!) - Jakob Gronkjaer

Thanks so much for giving your time and expertise to the likes of me on a subject that is of huge, potentially life changing importance but which can usually be very dull and dryly presented.  You made it fun, interesting, personal, relevant and the two hours sped by.  I really enjoyed it, something I was not expecting!  It will also make a difference to my business and potentially even keep me out of prison.  Thanks again – great to meet you and thanks for sharing.  Now just have to put all I learnt to good use. - Vicki Sharpe

It was lovely to see you again this year. Thank you for the invaluable information, at the session. It was both informative and very reassuring.

We enjoyed the informal setting, as it really gave us a brilliant opportunity to relate the information to our business and situations specifically, which was much more useful than any other Health and Safety course we’ve ever been to - Gareth and Brianna Wignall

It was really interesting and useful to find out how you started with the business portrait side of your business and that it can be done to a higher level than the £50 quick shot.  There was a lot of good information given by you and a lot of useful interaction between the delegates. Like you, I would have liked more practical time and to be able to take more photos with proper light to include the different poses… I feel confident to go ahead with a separate business portrait business and I now know what is important to get it started.  Thank you again for your time and the presentations, also thank you to Lisa for letting us have the Networking slides - Karen Gavin

Thank you for hosting a really interesting Superclass on Saturday and congratulations on your marvellous award!  I found it extremely valuable to hear all of your first-hand experience and see your workflow in such detail…  In the light of your advice I will definitely make some changes to the website this month, create an e-brochure and also join some networking groups.  Thanks once again for a brilliant Superclass – see you next year I’m sure! - Geoff Dennison

Thank you. I really learned a lot at your Superclass - Katherine Neale

Thank you for such an interesting and stimulating class yesterday.   As I mentioned, it’s a subject I’d been planning to look at in the near future anyway so you’ve answered a lot of questions, plugged a lot of holes and given me the impetus to move forward.  Your straightforward honest approach and willingness to discuss certainly helped here too… The posing we did at the end was really helpful, but it could have been even more so if we could have shot some “real” business portraits.   Thank you once again, and I look forward to catching up with you soon. I’ve thought of a couple of things I’ll ask you when the time is right - Tim Hensel

The class was superb and my head was buzzing during the journey out of London.  Lots of great advice and ideas and it was great to have such an interactive group.  Hope you don’t mind if I keep in touch during my journey into full time professional photography - Jon Clark

I really appreciated your honesty, openness, and desire to help.  Some trainers are full of the opposite! - Laurence Jones

The Societies – Masterclass And Superclass Delegates
For Photographers

I have built my own website and wanted someone to write the content. I was very unsure about how someone can write about the products and services I provide. But Angela amazed me with her report. She has great attention to detail and was very patient throughout the procedure. I was in awe of some of her suggestions. She has also suggested some simple changes to my website which I thought was very useful. Highly recommend.

Moonchild Portraits
For Photographers

I am so proud of all my learners.  100% retention and 100% pass rate, with some having enrolled for Level 2.

I don’t know what you get paid for teaching us, but whatever it is, it is not enough!  It couldn’t come near to the amount of extra hours you put in for your learners.  You are so good to all of us for all this extra help, I cannot thank you enough… Just wanted to say thanks so much, I have learnt loads.   I can see by looking at what I shoot that I am looking at things in a different way and have photographs that I could not have taken several weeks ago, all thanks to your fabulous tuition. You have made us “think outside the box”.   Although there are a lot of photographs which will go straight to trash, there are photos where I can see improvement.  It is so nice to be able to take a photo from a completely different perspective.  The world is such a different place now!  I will be forever grateful to you.  Amazing tuition and endless support. Thank you. - Geraldine Coleman

Thanks for being the best teacher I’ve ever had!  It’s been lots of fun… We’ll miss you! - Sadie Holehouse-MacAllen

Angela Adams introduced me to photography and what a fantastic introduction it was. I have just completed an NCFE Level 1 photography course and Angela was my tutor. I was a complete novice and also quite nervous at the thought of going back into a classroom after leaving school 20 years ago. Angela made me feel at ease from the moment I met her. Her enthusiasm for photography is infectious and thanks to her I am now hooked on the subject. Angela has given me the confidence to embark on a level 2 course. Angela’s photographic knowledge and ability is very impressive and I would recommend her as a tutor and photographer for any occasion. Angela is friendly and approachable and goes above and beyond to ensure her students achieve their goals. I genuinely hope that I get to work with Angela again in the future and I will be forever grateful for the amazing introduction to photography she has given me - Lisa Bruton

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and inspiration throughout the course, which has inspired me to better my photography - Matt Goodrum

Hi Angie,  I would just like to say thank you so very much for your wonderful tuition, support, guidance and encouragement over the past few months during our Level 1 course.  Your dedication to (us) your students has been above and beyond and we all really appreciate the fact that you have been so enthusiastic and approachable. Your teaching style and personality has made our journey so much easier. I think that under other tuition many of us may have left the course in the earlier stages but you have helped us all develop and grow in our skills and confidence.  Many  thanks for your patience and sharing all your tips.  I’ve learned so much. - Lesley Poole

Thanks for the teaching, I’ve found it really beneficial, and it was fun to do… My travel photos have definitely improved! - Tara Hansard

Thanks for everything Angie, you’ve been so brilliant and supportive over the last few months.  Will miss you! - Emily Wood

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the class and loved learning and trying out with my camera alongside the other students especially with your expert guidance.  I feel very well equipped now to move forward on my photographic journey, and much more informed and confident than when I started :))  Your teaching and support has been the best I could have hoped for and more and I feel totally fortunate to have been a student of the 2016 Photography Level 1 class, heartfelt thanks Angie - Annie McSherry

Thank you so much for all your support over the past 17 weeks.  I will miss our Wednesday nights!  Thanks - Angi Goldsmith

Thanks for all you have taught me, I hope to see you again in the future - Shelley Bullen

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and inspiring us every week.  Thank you. - EC

NCFE. Photography Students – The Class Of 2016
For Photographers

I have known Angela as a colleague, mentor and now good friend for several years now. Angela's skills as both a photographer and business woman are something I always aspire to. I have worked with her, and employed her to take business profile shots of me and assist with my personal and professional development. Her enthusiasm, together with a professional, but friendly attitude to everything she is involved in is inspirational.

Lisa North
For Photographers

Angela, You recently judged my panel for ASWPP qualification. I just wanted to say a huge thank you (not for the pass, which is obviously greatly appreciated) but for your in-depth feedback, absolutely invaluable, thank you!

Phil Webb
For Photographers

Thank you again for a very engaging and information talk today - Brianna Wignall, GnBri Photography

Thanks again for today. It was very interesting and I feel it has given me some great ideas.  I’m now going to go over the things I identified I needed to do.  It was lovely to meet you and I hope to catch up again in the future - Nicola Elliot, Nicola Elliot Photography

Sorry about my poor English, I’m French… I found lots of valuable information in your class. My new website will air in a week and there are some ideas I will definitely make mine.  What I loved the most about your presentation is how you dared to be so truthful.  Somebody’s recipe will not fit everyone and those “recipes” are explained without some little bricks that would have made them really efficient…. I’m looking forward to meeting you next year! - Alex Argy, Argy Photo

The Societies Convention 2017 – Masterclass, The Write Stuff
For Photographers

In just a couple of hours, I've gained insights that are invaluable and will guide my work going forward, especially for further qualifications. Angela quickly picked up on what areas I need to work on and helped me see through my blind spots. Her experience as a working photographer and judge means that she can give practical advice that helps to achieve results. As a professional myself, Angela has given the most useful input I've had into my photography in years.

Joe Lenton
For Photographers

Four-hour Superclass team-tutored by Angela Adams (FSWPP Grand Master Photographer), Damian McGillicuddy (FSWPP Grand Master Photographer Double Bar) and Jocelyn Conway (FSWPP Master Photographer) at The Societies Convention, January 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s given me so much to think about and answered so many questions I had going on in my head! Great to meet Angela! Congratulations Jocelyn and Angela on your awards last night – Jacky Turner.

I found it excellent, and thank you all for being so open and helpful – Tony Moore

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! And congrats xxx – Sharon Wallis

I have been wowed and inspired and allowed to wear the big dog 43 Can it get any better !!!  – Ivan Hugh

Thanks for this Superclass, TOOOOOOO many ideas have sprung into my head now, tasks being completed today and tomorrow and so to the next adventure, I always come back from seeing Damian McGillicuddy with a new idea, but this has set me on my way with so many, not just the images but the start of the Journey, who knows what that destination will be, Madness probably. It was a pleasure.  The Maltesers did not survive past 8 pm!  I start my first panel next week, ( Figure and Glamour) Portrait one mid-Feb, do they look at A panels at the Photography Show? To sit before 3 of the best, not knowing what to expect is not easy, but what actually happened became fun and relaxed, information sank in and ideas sparked.  They showed us how to be our own critics (never easy) put our ducks in order (panelling) and by working on the core requirements achieve images that will sit in the award winners list.  Thanks to all 3! – David J Severn

I learned so much in your class, especially about printing and paper choices. Awesome! Thanks very much for the amazing goodie bag too which was an unexpected and lovely surprise. What a treat!  I am so happy I attended the ‘It’s the journey, not the destination’ superclass run by Damian, Angela and Jocelyn at the Societies convention. It was a chance to learn directly from the experts and also hear a variety of issues, concerns and questions from the delegates in the class. We were shown examples of how to display a panel and discussed what the judges are looking for in a winning image. Each of the delegates also had the opportunity of having an image critiqued which was extremely helpful.  I particularly enjoyed looking at different examples of printing paper as I saw for myself what a huge effect the different textures and finishes can make to a photograph. Most of all it was presented in a fun and relaxed way. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve the way they present their work for judging and also to anyone considering working on a qualification… Good luck with your future classes.  – Alison McMath

Thank YOU! It was a great superclass.  I did enjoy the class and the multiple elements of what needs to be considered within an image was really helpful, and the most eye-opening for me in terms of how images are viewed in competition (and how of course I can work on improving my photography results!)  Although we might ‘know’ about these things, bringing it all together for just one image can so easily be overlooked.  I think your ‘read the rules’ for competitions/qualifications was again a valuable point.  The class was fun, open and you, Jocelyn and Damian were frank in responses.  It was also nice to hear other peoples stories as that gives you your own food for thought too.  The goody bag was great, and a lovely surprise!!  Apart from enjoying the goodies myself, I have also looked at it as more than just a goody bag, but how I can add this into my photography offering to clients.   ;o)  – Helen Moore

Thanks for a great session. Went to buy some rather nice paper from Permajet and they told me Damian had collared the lot!!  Lots of motivation from session, really boosted my drive and a lot to think about. Thanks again guys – David Kennedy

It’s About The Journey, Not The Destination!
For Photographers

Angela is a Grand Master Photographer within our association. She has a passion for giving back to the industry and does so by writing articles for Professional Imagemaker magazine, mentoring photographers to improve their craft through our Mentor Me programme, judging photographic qualifications and upholding the standards we set, and providing lectures for photographers to improve their imagery and business. Angela does all this to a very high standard and in an extremely professional manner.

Colin Jones, Company Director – The Societies
For Photographers
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