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1. Personal Brand is an investment in your success; showing what you stand for, what defines you and what sets you apart! The pictures we'll create together will allow clients and enticing glimpse into your unique business world! Don't be afraid to show potential clients the services, products and experiences you create, your style, your story and your environment.

2. The essence of Personal Brand photography is inspiring, yet authentic storytelling creating a connection between you and potential clients
! Allow potential clients to get to know, like and trust you by sharing photographs of who you are, what you do and how you do it. I guarantee your session will not only make you feel camera confident but will give you tools to market your business!

3. You are your brand - it's all about YOU! Your values, passions, personality and unique qualities and how you express them in your chosen profession matters. Not only at work but in life too. Your reputation is built on how you conduct yourself, your skill set, your communication style, your online presence, your fee level, your message and even what you choose to wear; in fact, how you choose to express yourself in everything you do.  

My complimentary Personal Brand Guide will help you deep dive into your brand identity to ensure you get the very best from your session. Submit the form at the bottom of this page to get your copy today.

P.S. The behind the scenes video below features Tuesday Simmonds' Personal Brand Experience Session for her business, Wombon. Personal Brand Experiences start at £435.
The Personal Brand Photography Experience
Clarity and Vision Questionnaire
Greater than the sum of its parts - this tool will help us work together to create your stand out story in pictures. We will guide through a deep-dive into the very heart of your business, allowing us to get to know you and how to make you and your business stand out and be seen - every business should do this because the results are pure gold!
Clarity Call
We spend time discussing your answers to the questionnaire, you get to ask any burning questions about the photography experience session. We then plan the details of your session, what to wear and the power of location and props. We then schedule a date in the diary.
Photography Experience Session
When the magic happens and your pictures are created! We may visit more than one location to align with your brand story. There may be multiple clothing changes, to ensure you have picture content to last you a complete business year; I guarantee by the end of our session you'll feel empowered and excited about the pictures we've created together.
Photography Reveal
Your pictures will have been individually edited and digitally delivered. We'll still keep in touch and help you going forward, we're only a phone call away! You'll now be ready to take your website and social media by storm with story-driven images that will get you noticed.
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what our clients say

I recently had the pleasure of engaging Angela Adams Photography for a brand photo shoot, and I am blown away by the entire experience. From the initial consultation to the final product, Angela's attention to detail and dedication to understanding my brand and positioning was outstanding.

On the day of the shoot, Angela's warm and friendly personality immediately put me at ease, and her direction and guidance throughout the shoot were fantastic. She made the day so much fun and enjoyable, and her expertise and professionalism really shone through, I am genuinely not sure when I laughed so much.

The final images were beyond my expectations - Angela's skill and talent as a photographer truly captured the essence of my brand and brought it to life, I felt that the images were authentic and spoke my language. The images were of the highest quality, and I am so grateful to have them to use in my marketing materials.

I was also touched by the lovely card and pen that Angela sent after the booking was completed - it was such a thoughtful and personal touch that really showed how much she cares about her clients, as well as being a novel idea!

Overall, I would highly recommend Angela Adams Photography to anyone looking for a talented, professional, and dedicated photographer. Thank you, Angela, for your amazing work and for making the entire process so enjoyable and stress-free!  I am looking forward to an excuse to do it all again in the future.

Claire Lish - Psynergy Consulting
Personal Brand

Angela truly values her clients and the story they want to tell. She strives to make meaningful connections with who you are personally and visually connects the dots to achieve authentic branding and imagery. I was impressed with how thorough the planning process was. Angela leaves no stone unturned. From our initial conversations about the shoot, she posed thought-provoking questions. The shoot would not have been as successful if she hadn’t challenged my ideas of working in the studio. I was a tad uncomfortable with the change, but once Angela planted the seed, I was able to see the value in shooting on location, which provided so much more scope.

During the shoot, Angela’s acute attention to detail and organisation created a relaxed and creative environment for us to work. We were on the same page throughout, brainstorming creative ideas on how we wanted the images to look. She is flexible yet detailed. Her skill, communication and experience combine to create a level of professionalism that leaves you feeling completely safe and confident in her abilities. In post-production, Angela gladly worked with me to create the right mood in light and texture. Angela looks after her clients from start to finish to make sure they are delighted. I would not hesitate to recommend Angela; I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Jodey Simmonds – Inner Farmacy
Personal Brand

I have often seen amazing photos of successful people,looking polished yet natural, professional yet approachable, for me it was asign of having made it. I thought it was only for the elite, those that had thousands of pounds, wonderful houses to be photographed in and a certain look.  Then I met AngelaAdams.  I was blown away as I watched her presentation.  The artwork, the headshots, the lifestyle photographs, her skills were endless.  I knew there and then that she was the one I needed in my life to help me create more pizazz in my branding and marketing. I went ahead and booked a Personal Brand Experience shoot.

From the moment I approached Angela I felt comfortable and knew she understood what I wanted to achieve. Following our initial in-depth consultation, she sent me a document listing all the things I needed to consider and to prepare, to make sure the whole experience was exceptional. I had two different sittings, one for my headshots and the other for my lifestyle photographs. Both days were exciting and fun, not once did I feel I shy or inhibited. Angela was encouraging and whilst she listened to what I wanted, she also made sure that all opportunities that presented themselves on the day, were taken.  The results were amazing.With all my heart, I highly recommend Angela Adams of Angela Adams Photography for celebrity style photos with a down to earth approach and cost.

wendi mclean - mindset coach
Personal Brand

Session One: Angela, what can I say... this journey I am on with you has surpassed my expectations. From the moment we first met, I felt instantly at ease and in capable, confident hands to guide me on my brand photography journey. Your endless patience with my questions and indecisiveness has been incredible and I am so thankful for the way you have guided me through every step. Our photoshoot was brilliant fun, it really felt like you understood  me and what I was looking for and were able to translate that into a magnificent set of images for me to use to help spread my message far and wide. I'm all about faith, fun and freedom and we embodied that all day long as the sun shone on our chilly bones.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you far and wide, and sincerely look forward to working together in the future! Please don't stop doing what you do!  

Session Two: I've just had a chance to download the pictures. They are iiiiiincreeeeDIIIIBBLEEEEEEEEEE!!! I didn't think they could beat our first session at Barsham, but they have! They are soooo perfect for me!! I can't wait to have some time to look through on Saturday and take them all in!You are amazing my darjeeling :) xx Thank you so so so so so so much!!!

Toni-Marie Milliken - Life Coach at Discover My Happy
Personal Brand

The session was so easy from beginning to end. First, we had a conversation, for Angela to ensure she knew exactly what I had in mind. She really listened, along with throwing in some ideas of her own as possibilities. The shoot flowed beautifully, I felt very relaxed and confident as Angela guided me through the day.

I couldn't be happier with the photos. This has been, all round, a very enjoyable experience. I will undoubtedly be working with Angela again.

Tuesday Simmonds - Wombon
Personal Brand

I asked Angela if she would take my branding photos for me as I knew I needed to update them and show up more on my socials - so I wanted to choose someone who would 'get' me. Angela met with me and went through what I was looking for and booked our shoots (done over two days because that's what worked for me), immediately I felt that she understood me and my business. I hate having photos taken but Angela told me I could incorporate my dogs and my granddaughter so it wasn't just me.

The whole experience was fun and relaxed, and I love the photos I have. There are so many stories I can tell with them. I can't thank Angela enough for guiding me through, making me laugh, and being so great with my granddaughter.

Denise Brady - The Culinary Camera
Personal Brand

I am abusiness coach and I help business owners with their marketing and customercare. Time aftertime, I tell clients that they must: “show up like nobody else” but, how was I showing up to my clients? Not very well, my official profile picture, although taken by a professional, hadn’t changed in 8 years. I used it like a passport photo’ to identify me.

Angie’s professional services start long before the shoot itself. Firstly, she has a range of services to suit all requirements and budgets, from studio shoots to on location. Professional portraits for the boardroom, to candid lifestyleshots. And shots that promote your brand.

Angie booked a call with me before my shoot to discuss what I wanted to achieve and to advise on what to wear, what to avoid and where best to reflect me and the image I wanted to portray. I like to meet clients in my favourite local café, so we met there for the shoot, with the kind permission of the owner.

We hadn’t met before but Angie instantly put me at my ease. She listened again to what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to promote 2 very different aspects of my business and Angie took that in her stride and incorporated the props I had brought into our photos. The shoot was relaxed and fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Today the photos arrived. I was excited and knew that they would give me exactly what I wanted. However, I was slightly nervous, as who really likes looking at photos of themselves? These were wonderful. I am proud of the whole collection. Angie gave me so much choice of beautiful photographs that I am excited to use to promote my business and the work I do on my website and social media.

Now I can show up as I want to be seen and that feels really good. A photoshoot with Angie is a wonderful confidence boost, she really captures the best of you. I would recommend a photoshoot with Angie to everyone. I would prescribe it, if Icould.

It’s your life and your business and Angie helps you to take the starring role and to really show up for your clients, like nobody else.

Angi Doy - Business Coach
Personal Brand

I wanted to say a huge thank you for professionalism during my Personal Brand Photography shoot. You took the time to get to know me and you certainly managed to show the real me in the pictures.  You have set up a system that allows you to know exactly what I needed, even though I wasn’t sure myself.

Thank you, Angela, for making the whole session run so smoothly. I know from my teaching practice how much work you put in behind the scenes to make it all seem so easy.  The best part was how you did your research in advance of the session. You asked fabulous questions that made me think about what I wanted.

Denise Allen – Fine Art
Personal Brand

I contacted Angela as I needed to update images on my website and those that I use for social media. I wasn't sure what I wanted or needed! Angela talked me through her Personal Branding session and explained we would show who I am and what I offer through the images that she wanted to take. I filled a questionnaire in and Angela then suggested what she felt would work for me. We spent time at the beach encapsulating who I am and how I wish to appear to others. I felt completely at ease at all times (even when Angela got me holding poses that felt out of comfort zone). I didn't fully appreciate how I could use the photos and a what  difference they would make to how I see myself and what others are looking for.

The entire process from the first phone call to the end product of the images I received was wonderful. Angela really 'got' me and understood what I wanted to achieve even when I wasn't certain myself! I can't recommend Angela enough if you feel you are at a crossroads with how to use your personal brand to propel you forward.

The photoshoot was so much fun and it opened my eyes up to new ideas and who I am  and what I can offer through my beautiful images I received.

hayley pearson - serenity touch
Personal Brand
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